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What I like, enjoy, want, and maybe need.

Locked 🔒  again. Every reblog adds 1 week until my next release. Every like adds 1 day.

Go ahead and make me regret this post.

Edit: The final sentence is 138 days. Mistress is okay with it, she doesn’t need my cock anyway to get her pleasure. 

Thanks for your cruelty. 

Just add time

The machine is on a timer, he is awaken when it turns on, he gets fucked for three hours each morning.

Having multiple needles put through the head of his cock

Once the head is done, then she starts on the shaft.

Once she plunges balls deep, then the juice is shot to his cock and bals

Nettle torture

Most guys really do not know what pain is until this happens

A drawing of a perfect cock tie, now many things can be done.

I love the smile on her face

I love to watch my sorority sister cum over and take their turns caning his balls. Such a pleasant sound.

There are 5 more in front of him, he has to make 12 round trip and make himself cum three times on each one.

His balls get beat 12 hours a day by 4 different females, this goes on 6 days a week.

48 times she swings the bag, and 48 times he almost dies.

Every other day he get a 36 hours sentence of electro torture and endless pumping